Welcome to the Saravá! Carol Evans & Friends website! Saravá! is a Brazilian music band that I put together in Tucson circa 2003. From 2003 to 2005, I played with Kyle and Mark Vietti, two talented percussionists living in Tucson. I was joined by bassist Bill Ronstadt in 2004, and the band subsequently morphed into “Carol Evans & Friends,” with various musicians playing with me at different times, depending on interests, schedules and performance venues. In 2012, I had to put Saravá! on ice, due to day-job constraints, health issues and the competitive market resulting from the general economic downturn. 2018 (and retirement from the University of Arizona!) has brought me new energy, new interests and new horizons! My goals are both more – and less – ambitious. Writing extensively about bossa nova on this website (blog) is a new goal which I am very excited about; dusting off my guitar and engaging others in playing Brazilian music together is certainly another goal. Whether these adventures result in local performances is anyone’s guess. Stay tuned!


Carol Evans

Samba da Volta // Bom Bossa
  1. Samba da Volta // Bom Bossa
  2. O Pato // Bom Bossa
  3. Samba de Uma Nota So // Bom Bossa
  4. Samba de Orly // Bom Bossa